How to design a Japanese Restaurant?

Today we can see a lot of people going to Japanese restaurant whenever they want to take a break from their work, or want to enjoy a leisurely time with their family or friends, or just want to spend some time in peace munching on their favorite sushi. The calm ambiance along with a delectable cuisines offered at the popular Japanese restaurant in Dubai is the main reason that draws people to these spots.

But, what actually makes a Japanese restaurant so attractive? ‘Simplicity’ reflected by the food and interior design of these Japanese restaurants is the most obvious answer. Let us discuss the various things that should be kept in mind when designing a Japanese themed restaurant.

Avoid Clutter

One of the main characteristics of a Japanese themed restaurant is a soft and calm environment. You can design a Japanese styled restaurant even on a small budget. Just keep in mind whether your restaurant is big or small, it is uncluttered and offering a peaceful environment. Make sure that the place you choose for your restaurant is easily accessible. Also, ensure that the Japanese cuisines prepared in your restaurant are authentic and fresh.

Cutlery and Cooking Tools

If everything is perfectly designed, then a Japanese restaurant can be a perfect business. Another thing that you must keep in mind is the cutlery that you provide to your customers to relish their food. Since, the restaurant is based on a Japanese theme, it would be better if you add a few Japanese-like utensils including chopsticks and earthenware bowls for the customers. You should also provide Japanese kitchen knives and other kitchen utensils to give a Japanese feel to the cuisine prepared for the customers.

Light and Design

Lighting your restaurant is another important aspect to keep in mind. Install paper lanterns to provide a soft lightening to the place in a Japanese style. Divide the kitchen area of your restaurant from the serving area by utilizing decorative and traditional shoji screens. Make use of wooden flooring to give your restaurant a traditional Japanese look.

Add Decorative Elements

You can think of adding indoor waterfalls and bamboo plants to give a soothing touch to the elegant ambiance. In order to provide a relaxing and comfortable feel to your restaurant, you can lighten scented candles and play traditional Japanese music. Also, decorate your place using Japanese paintings, and origami sculptures to complete the traditional Japanese look.

The Sushi Express cafe is a one of the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai where you can get a great selection of authentic Japanese cuisines and a perfect ambiance reflecting the peaceful culture of Japan. The interiors are decorated with organic elements appreciated by the Japanese culture. The design elements are simple yet classy making the interior space of this Japanese restaurant inviting and relaxing.