What makes ‘Sushi’ the most favored Japanese Cuisine?

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, ‘Sushi’ is the very first thing an individual would think of. There is something about this dish that people all across the globe just admire it so much. It is also one of the most popular dishes of Japanese restaurants in Dubai. This dish spread to Japan from Southeast Asia in the 8th century, when people simply mixed fish with rice just to preserve it. But, the simple dish was slowly evolved by Japanese and different variations of sushi was created, which was just loved by almost everyone in the world around. But, why exactly is it so? Here, we shall come across a few of the probable reasons.

Convenient Food

This popular Japanese cuisine is also one of the most favored takeaway foods because of the convenience it offers. It can be easily cut into pieces and tucked in paper or disposable plastic bags to be carried around. Moreover, sushi is a clean finger food where the sticky rice holds the ingredients together. Plus, the sushi can be cut to bite-size pieces to fit in our mouth.

Healthy Food

Almost every type of sushi dish, whether in form of a roll or served on a plate does not contain any oil. Steamed rice and fish is the main ingredient of this delicacy and therefore is much healthier than a plate of fried chicken. Moreover, the dish is loaded with essential nutrients required by the body like omega 3 fatty acids, protein iron and many others that offer various health benefits.

Heavenly Taste

Just take a bite of sushi, and you are guaranteed to fall in love with the exotic flavor of the dish satisfying your taste buds. The tangy flavor of vinegar tinged rice, the sweet taste of mayonnaise sauce, sweet and sour zest of soy sauce, when mixed together in form of sushi, they will certainly give you a feeling of enjoying a heavenly feast.

Various Types

From Japanese traditional Inari, Nigiri, and Maki to ‘Western versions of sushi hand rolls you can find sushi in astounding assortments. These different variations are offered in almost every Japanese restaurant in Dubai. However, the price of each type differs. You can find hybridized sushi or fusion sushi on the more expensive side. This is because of their unusual ingredients but delectable taste. People enjoy the mash-up of different cultures brought in the form of this famous Japanese dish.

These were some of the speculated reasons for why sushi is amongst the most popular Japanese dish in Dubai. Sushi Express Cafe is one of the famous spots in Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Media City where you can enjoy a brilliant Japanese ambiance with your favorite Japanese cuisine – Sushi.