A Tour on Japan’s Festive Food

Festivals are those time of the year where everyone, from each corner of the city, gather to celebrate and feast. From grandparents to children, everyone becomes elated from each other’s presence. As festivals change with every nation, the food associated with that day also varies. Just how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey, Japanese people also have festive food that is famous in Japan.

New Year’s Celebrations

While other countries party and chug down large amounts of beer during New Year’s, Japan celebrates this festival with positive vibes. They believe that this is the time where all the mistakes can be corrected. All the quarrels can be left behind and aids you into making you a better person. This is the important time that the Japanese believe, gives you spiritual growth. Most importantly, it is the time for a new beginning. So, for such a vital event, the traditional dish, Osechi Ryori, is prepared. Popular Japanese restaurants will surely serve this on New Year. However, if you wish to prepare it from scratch, then, be prepared to spend 3-4 hours and to end up with soar limbs. This is a dish made with traditional cooking styles and is dominated by grilled fish and vegetables.

Street Food Festivals

This is not any special celebration, but, vendors put up different stalls selling various fattening but delicious food. Yakitori is an essential dish made of grilled chicken on sticks, which is consumed along with beer. Takoyaki is another exotic dish made of a centralized octopus on a pancake batter. A worldwide favourite is cotton candy, called Watame in Japanese. Japanese love their seafood as they eat squid on sticks called Ikayaki. One of the loved savouries is the Choco Banana which is a banana on a stick that is dunked in chocolate.


This is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month. The Japanese people trust that this is the time when the two stars are destined to meet. The tradition that is followed for years is that a letter with wish is written and stuck onto a bamboo. This is then allowed to float as far and is believed that the wish will come true. The streets of Japan become alive with dance, music and various food stalls. Iconic foods during this day are Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki and Yakitori. These can also be found in Japanese restaurants in Dubai as it will not be possible for everyone to go to Japan on this day.


Obon is a festival where families gather in a temple in honour of their ancestors who have passed away. This is a Buddhist tradition that takes place every year, in the month of august and July. Maki sushi is the festive food that made with a combination of vegetables wrapped in seaweed and rice. Alternatively, Yaki Soba is pan fried noodles with chicken or beef. This is also occasionally made.

For such festivals, visiting Japan is not feasible. But, as far as the food is concerned, visit Sushi Express Café in Dubai for those festive food.