5 Must-Try Japanese Snacks

According to studies, the healthy eating habits and the health-conscious food that the Japanese eat are the main reasons for the lower obesity rate and longer life of Japanese people. Japanese food is renowned as one of the healthiest food types, then be it some Japanese cuisine or a simple snack food. Besides the health aspect, the Japanese snacks are also delicious savoring your taste buds.  You can find many established Japanese restaurants in every corner of the world, where you can dine and enjoy the following Japanese snacks.

5 Must-Try Japanese Snacks


Edamame is a traditional Japanese dish that is served in most of the authentic Japanese restaurants. Looking quite like green peas, edamame is actually soya bean pods that are either steamed or boiled. A little salt or shio is also dusted over the pods after the preparation. Red pepper flakes or sesame seeds are also dotted over the pods to give a tangy flavor. This nutritious snack food is often enjoyed with alcoholic drinks.


Also called pot stickers, Gyoza actually originated in China and was named Jiaozi there. These famous snacks are actually dumplings made of thin dough wrapping, with a filling of vegetables and ground meat. The filling choice varies in different restaurants. However, the very usual kind of meat filling is grounded pork, and that of vegetables is cabbage, ginger, green onion, and garlic. Both of these fillings are mixed with sesame oil and soy sauce.


This Japanese food is made by deeply frying the seafood and vegetables, which are dipped in a thin batter. The tempura batter includes corn flour, plain flour, salt, and spices mixed together with plain water. This dish is very simple to prepare, but quite delicious to eat. Often a dipping sauce is served with this crispy dish. In many of the Japanese restaurants, Tempura is also given as a side dish with soup or noodles.


This is a grilled dish and is quite popular in Japan.  The dish is a pancake made up of a batter of flour and eggs. The filling is usually made of cabbage, onion, green chili, pork, beef, and fried eggs. After grilling the stuffed pancake, it is usually served with a topping of nori flakes, dried seaweed, mayonnaise, and ginger. You can further enjoy this snack food with a dipping sauce.


People often confuse it with sushi, but sashimi is quite different. Vinegared rice thinly sliced raw fish or vegetables are the usual condiments of sushi, which are wrapped inside the nori (seaweed) sheets to prepare a sushi roll. Whereas, sashimi include raw fish like tuna, salmon, or others that are thinly sliced. Spicy wasabi is usually served with it to enhance its taste. This is one of the healthiest Japanese snacks of its kind enriched with vitamins and healthy fatty acids.

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