7 Best Japanese Dishes served at Sushi Express Cafe

Because of the wide popularity of Japanese dishes, many sushi restaurants can be easily found in every corner of the world.  One of such popular Japanese restaurant is the Sushi Express Café, which is located in the mesmerizing city of Dubai. This is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai where you will be served authentic Japanese dishes prepared in a traditional way by professional chefs. Although sushi is the most popular cuisine that is prepared in a variety of styles at our restaurant, there are many other delectable recipes included in our menu. Here is a list of top seven of them.


The word okonomiyaki literally means “grilled as you like it” and this grilled favorite is quite popular at our restaurant. The dish is actually a pancake made of flour, and eggs, which is usually filled with cabbage, pork, or fried eggs, beef etc. After the pancake is prepared, it is often topped with nori flakes, dried seaweed, mayonnaise, ginger and other things.

Soba Noodles

This is another popular choice of many of the visitors at our restaurant. Soba noodles are quite like spaghetti noodles and are made of buckwheat. These long and thick noodles served in a hot broth that is flavored with soy sauce flavor. These also are served in room temperature with broth dipping. This is generally a meal considered by calorie-conscious people.


This is a popular hot pot dish that consists of raw vegetables and tofu. The dish also includes paper-thin slices of raw meats like beef or pork. All these ingredients are cooked in kombu dashi broth and are then served with a dipping called ponzu.


This is a popular grilled skewered dish made of chicken. This dish is often ordered in a bulk to be served as a party snack with an alcoholic beverage. In this dish every part of the chicken is perfectly grilled over a charcoal grill giving it a smoky flavor. It is further seasoned with Teriyaki like sauce.


Served as an appetizer at our restaurant, Edamame are types of soya bean that resemble green peas. These are either steamed or boiled to cook and then salt is sprinkled to the dish to add flavor. It is made a little spicy by sprinkling red pepper flakes or sesame seeds. This is one of the most nutritious snacks in our menu that is rich in proteins and low in calories.

Miso Soup

Miso soup is also among the favorites served at our restaurant. This is a light broth made of soy paste, often called miso paste, and tofu. This is both delicious and healthy, and packed with energy.

Udon Noodles

Udon noodles is another popular cuisine demanded by many at our restaurant. These are made of wheat flour and have a chewy texture. It is usually served with tsuyu broth and topped with slices of green onions. The noodles are further garnished with tofu, vegetables and mushrooms.

These are the top favorite Japanese dishes served at our restaurant. But, that’s not all. You can check out our menu for other delicious Japanese recipes prepared by our experienced chefs.