The Best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai Media City

The number of people loving Japanese food is increasing day by day, thanks to the unique burst of flavor it gives and that too in a healthy way. And when we say Japanese food, the first name that pops up in anyone’s mind is Sushi.

Yes, Sushi is the most popular Japanese dish and one of the most eaten foods around the world. And why not, the way it is created and the wide variety of Sushi one finds in Japanese restaurants, anyone may develop a liking for it.

What goes into making Sushi?

The most used, common and basic ingredient in Sushi is vinegared rice. Along with it, seasonal fruits and vegetables are also used in making Sushi to create a new and healthy taste. Sushi chefs also use fresh seafood available in the markets to add to its flavor. And a variety of Japanese sauces and dips are used, and sometimes, also served along with Sushi.

All these fresh, seasonal and unprocessed ingredients make Sushi a very healthy option, even for those who are dieting.

The Best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai Media City

If you are searching for the best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai Media City with an impressive ambiance and delicious Sushi varieties, Sushi Express Café is a perfect place.

Sushi Express and Café is a large and classy establishment which can accommodate over 40 guests at a time. Also, our team consists of native Japanese chefs who have un-comparable expertise in making mouth-watering Sushi and other authentic Japanese dishes.

Some of the best Sushi varieties

Some of our most sold Sushi varieties are as follows:

  • Fujiyama Roll: This a yummy preparation of deep fried avocado, combined with fresh salmon, crunchy cucumber and chili and spicy aurora sauce.
  • Ebi Chili Roll: These rolls are made with juicy, crunchy cucumbers, red onions and lettuce, wrapped in fresh, steamy rice paper. It is complimented with Teriyaki and Sweet Chili to give it a refreshing, bursting flavor combination.
  • Seared Salmon Roll: As the name suggests, these are made with fresh salmon, salmon roe (ikura) and spring onion. It also has Japanese mayo to lend a different taste and is served with hot chili sauce and kimchi sauce. Kimchi sauce is delicious Japanese sauce made with cabbage, radish, and scallions and is seasoned with sugar, ginger, red pepper, garlic, etc.
  • Crunchy Chicken Roll: These are made of fresh chicken, crunchy cucumbers and mayonnaise, topped with teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki sauce is another Japanese sauce made using brown sugar, soy sauce, honey, ginger, etc.

We also serve a variety of other authentic Japanese food, including desserts. Whether you are looking for a fine-dine experience, a quick take-away or for home delivery after a tiring day, Sushi Express Café can be your buddy. We also take catering orders to make your parties and functions a memorable one. You can contact us if you are looking for a Sushi Restaurant in Dubai Media City. So don’t wait much and try our food now to fall in love with the most delicious Sushi ever!