Celebrate your Functions in Japanese Style

Functions feel no less than a mini-festival because they give us a moment to rejoice and celebrate. They give us more moments we will wish to recall and feel happy later on too. For many, they are the times to grab some family time and refresh the bonds.

All these reasons make functions and their celebrations all the more special. But, what if we tell you that you can make your functions even more special with little or no efforts? Yes, you heard us right. You will just need to do a bit of planning, make some little changes and you are done!

Here, we will present to you some ideas which will make your celebrations more special and unique.

Japanese Theme

Be it a baby shower, a birthday or a graduation party; various themes are trending these days for parties. Out of all these, we love the Japanese theme for its simplicity and classy feel. To do it in the Japanese style, you don’t need to do much. You just need to choose basic and most essential party items like furniture, a piece or two as décor and you are done. Japanese people believe in minimalism which adds to their charm, and will do so to your party too.

Japanese Decor

As already mentioned, Japanese people don’t go blingy and glitzy. They follow the principle ‘the lesser, the better’. So as decor, you just need to get a piece or two or a painting which conveys some deep meaning instead of being just an abstract piece. You can focus more on adding natural elements such as some plants, natural lighting, etc to make it feel more Japanese and nicer too.

Japanese Cuisines

If your guests are more of health conscious and calorie counting people then you will be in a win-win situation here. Japanese cuisines are based on using seasonal, fresh and healthy ingredients without compromising on the taste factor. So, if you choose Japanese cuisines for your party, be ready to get plenty of pats on your back. For this, you can choose a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Japanese Caterer

While choosing Japanese cuisines, you need to make sure that your caterer specialises in authentic Japanese cuisines so that your motive of choosing Japanese cuisine gets fulfilled. The caterer must be made aware of what you expect and how much guests will be coming, etc.

Japanese Cake

Yep, you read it right. Japanese people also have their own version of cake which is healthier than the usual cakes we eat. So, if it is a birthday, anniversary or any such celebration and you need a cake, be tension-free. You can simply order for a healthy Japanese cake from one of the best Japanese restaurants and enjoy your party to the fullest!