Health Benefits of Miso Soup

Although sushi is an unbeatable Japanese dish, a variety of which is served in many of the popular Japanese restaurants in Dubai. But, miso soup happens to be a famous Japanese dish, a broth actually that is admired by many. Miso is actually a paste of fermented beans (soybeans and grains), which is mixed in a Japanese soup stock called dashi to form miso soup. Bits of tofu, chopped scallion and sometimes seaweed are also added to this soup to add to the taste and nutrition. Many Japanese people start their day with this soup as it provides energy and also stimulates digestion because of the beneficial bacteria it contains. In this article, we shall come across various nutritional highlights and health benefits of miso soup. Take a look.

Nutritional Values

  • The fermented bean paste aka miso is a rich source of different minerals including copper, zinc manganese and many other. Along with that, it is also rich in proteins and vitamin K.
  • Because fermentation enhances the friendly bacteria in food, miso is, therefore, a rich source of beneficial bacteria in the body. This probiotic ability of miso makes the broth ward off a number of health issues, related especially to digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Since you will be adding beneficial probiotics bacteria and enzymes by consuming the fermented broth, you can expect your intestines to function properly. Your gut, digestive system and also your immune system will become stronger.
  • According to various studies, it is seen that because of being fermented, the miso soup has the ability to synthesize B vitamins and vitamin K in the gut.

Health Benefits of Miso soup

Lose Fat: According to various researchers, including miso soup in your diet can help in weight loss. The seaweed in the soup consists of a compound called fucoxanthin that has an effect on abdominal fat. Therefore it is found out that consuming miso soup in your diet can bring about a loss of 5 to 10 percent of weight.

Advantageous Probiotics: The fermented paste called miso, which is the main ingredient of miso soup, is known to give rise to beneficial bacteria. This probiotic quality of miso soup boosts the immune system and help people with lactose intolerance.

Aid Digestive Problems: The fermented bean paste of miso soup helps to enhance the friendly gut bacteria and therefore, warding off many digestive issues.  The miso soup is great for people suffering a Leaky Gut Syndrome and gastric ulcers.

Fights Cancer: The soup is a rich source of antioxidants and help in prohibiting the growth of tumor and cancers. It also prevents the injury caused due to radiations.

Help in other Health Conditions: This traditional Japanese broth is known to relieve fatigue, prevent inflammation, and decrease the blood pressure levels.

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