Japanese Cuisines – Perfect for Parties & Occasions

Party is a word that lights us up even in the gloomiest of moods and why not? Who doesn’t love parties? The carefree atmosphere, the music, the fun, the delicious food, the meetings and socializing, everything makes for a perfect time spent. Nowadays, throwing a party has also become easy. Just make some calls, assign the work to the concerned service providers and voila!

But, to make your party an enjoyable and impressive one, you need to make sure that your party has something different than regular parties and what else can be better than food? Delicious food is something that everyone remembers even after years. And to make your party a memorable one, choosing a different cuisine can do wonders!

Which cuisine to choose?

A party is obviously a place where people having different tastes and diet preferences come. Some of your guests may even be on a diet. And you obviously don’t want them to return empty stomach. On the other hand, you may also not have a clear idea of how many of your guests are on diet. In such a situation, deciding the menu and quantity of food can be puzzling.  A good idea in such situation is to choose a cuisine which can be eaten even while dieting and is none the less delicious.

Japanese Cuisines

Japanese cuisines fit the bill perfectly in this case. Japanese cuisines are not so fried and has less of carbohydrates and sugary ingredients; making it a very healthy choice in general. Most of the traditional Japanese cuisines include fresh vegetables and other healthy ingredients making it a good meal option even for those who are dieting.

How to order these Japanese cuisines?

To impress your guests and make your party an unforgettable one, you must be careful while selecting a Japanese restaurant. When you choose the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai, you don’t need to worry about the variety of dishes, authentic taste, quality of food, etc because everything is already taken care of. You just need to get in touch with the restaurant; inform the date, time and other details, fix the menu, discuss about payment and it’s done!

Sushi Express Café – The Perfect Restaurant for Japanese Cuisines

Whether you are living in Jumeirah Lake Towers or Dubai Media City or Dubai Marina, we have got you covered! We have a variety of traditional Japanese cuisines and modern sushi dishes, both having authentic Japanese taste. We specialize in both Sushi and Sashimi along with other yummy Japanese dishes. We have a team of chefs who are very passionate about Japanese food hence are able to create a taste that you will make you feel as if you have stepped in Japan!

You can even order online on at our website or contact us on 04-4274022. If you are living in or around Jumeirah Lake Towers, we do free shipping here. We will be most pleased to serve you personally and impress you with our special pampering!