Taste Authentic Japanese Cuisines at Sushi Express Cafe

It is no wonder that the Japanese food is becoming more and more popular each day around the globe. The way various Japanese dishes are created, these are not only treats for the mouth and body but also for the eyes. Most of us will think of Sushi when the name ‘Japanese food’ but a true foodie must know that there are a lot more delicious Japanese cuisines which also don’t fall back on the health scale. It is very much necessary to understand that Japanese cuisine is categorized into Sushi and Sashimi mainly.

It is well known that Japanese food is mostly based on sea food but that’s not all. Japanese cuisines also use fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits in a considerable proportion in their dishes, sometimes as main ingredient too. Even the vegetarians can scout a little and find yummy vegetarian Japanese dishes.

If you are searching for a Japanese restaurant in Dubai Marina to try out something new, we advise you to visit Sushi Express Café. It has the best ambiance and even more irresistible food!

Let’s take a peek on some of the most mouth watering  Japanese cuisines of Sushi Express Café:

  • Salmon Carpaccio: This dish is made of thinly sliced fresh salmon fish and is accompanied by white onion, mayonnaise and healthy olive oil. This dish has a good combination of healthy salmon and olive oil so can be eaten by diet lovers.
  • Tuna Tataki: This dish is made of seared Maguro Tuna, spring onion and white reddish. It is topped with zesty ponzu sauce. Ponzu sauce is made of rice vinegar, katsuobushi flakes, kombu and juice of a citrus fruit. Thus, this dish has tangy, tasty flavor.
  • Cheeky Scallop Roll: This roll is made of scallop avocado, cucumber, schichimi chili wrapped in rice paper. It is served with Teriyaki sauce and Yellow curry sauce.
  • Ebisu Sashimi Platter: This platter is a combination of various dishes, brought together in a combo. It has 4 pieces of Salmon, 2 pieces of Tuna, 2 pieces of Hata, 2 pieces of Tako and 2 pieces of Hamachi. This platter is perfect for those who want to try out more varieties in one go.
  • Zaru Soba/Udon: This dish is made of cold buckwheat noodles which are light in taste and are refreshing. It is served side dishes of potato salad and spinach ohitashi.
  • Chicken Paitan Ramen: This dish is among the list of our chef’s ‘favorite dishes’. It is noodles made with chicken chashyu (chicken breast) and eggs. It also has pickled ginger with white Chicken broth soup.
  • Marinated Don: This is made of fresh salmon, tuna and avocado which are marinated with a special sauce made in house and contains a hint of lemon and steamed rice.

So stop by Sushi Express Café which is the best sushi restaurant in Dubai Marina offering authentic Japanese cuisines. You can also place your order for delivery/ takeaway from our website.