Follow these Japanese Etiquettes in a Japanese Restaurant

There are many people who just love to dine in an authentic Japanese restaurant and enjoy the wonderful taste of the delicacies served there. Along with relishing the Japanese cuisines like sushi, sashimi, miso soup, etc., you will also acclaim the polite, courteous and friendly services of the staff. Well, the staff members or any of your Japanese friends or clients dining with you will be pleased if you follow a few Japanese dining etiquettes. Here, we have a list of a few.

Seat of honor

The seat of honor known as ‘kamiza’ is reserved for the most important guest at the meal. It is placed farthest from the entrance door. You as a host can sit in the middle on either of the sides.

Using Towels

In a Japanese restaurant or bar, you will be given a hot steamed towel known as ‘oshibori’ for cleaning your hands. Wash your hands and wipe with the towel. But, do not clean your face with it.

Showing Gratitude

According to Japanese traditions, a meal begins with a form of gratitude. You can begin to eat by saying the term ‘itadakimasu’, which means, ‘I am thankful to receive’. You can finish your dinner by saying ‘gochisosama deshita’ that means, ‘I am grateful for the meal’.

Using Chopsticks

How you use the chopsticks defines your table manners, according to Japanese traditions. You must learn to hold your chopsticks aptly. Besides that, you must ensure that they are not held vertically in the food bowl. This is because according to a Japanese tradition this resembles an offering made at funerals. You also must avoid pointing out to someone or some dish on your table. Moreover, it is also not considered polite if you talk when holding the chopsticks in your hand.

Drinking Manners

Make it sure, that you do not start drinking before everyone on the table is served with their beverage. You should always drink after ‘kampaii’ or the gestures of raising the glass for a drinking salute. A woman should always put her hand beneath the glass while drinking.

When it comes to drinking alcoholic beverages, as a custom you should serve each other in place of pouring the drink in your own glass.

Eat your Soup

Most of the Japanese soups contain a lot of ingredients. In place of spoons, you should not hesitate to use your chopsticks to eat them. Slurping your soup is completely fine. In fact, it is believed that inhaling air along with eating the soup gives it a good flavour.

If consuming miso soup, you must drink it from the bowl as if it was served in a cup and also ensure to eat the solid bits with your chopsticks.

Pouring Soya Sauce

Make sure that you pour enough soya sauce in the empty bowl given to you. After you are done eating, you must leave a trace of soya sauce in the bowl.

Eating Wasabi

Wasabi enhances the taste of sushi. But make sure that you do not combine it with the soy sauce. This restricts the original taste of sushi and is taken as an insult to the chef.