Get Healthy Japanese Food Delivered at your Doorstep

Most of the Japanese restaurants offer various types of delectable cuisines, a plenty of which are diet friendly. Therefore it becomes easier for you to find a healthy Japanese food. However, it is smart to stick with traditional Japanese food items, all of which are made with healthy ingredients. You can also go with meal delivery services offered by some of the Japanese restaurants and get a healthy Japanese meal delivered right at your doorstep.

Plenty of vegetables, many protein-rich fishes are often the main ingredients of many of the Japanese cuisines. However, a few entrees on the menu also include a moderate amount of starchy carbohydrates, which are not healthy.

Analysis of a Japanese Food Menu

Your favorite Japanese restaurant, for sure, includes the below-mentioned list of healthy food items in their menu. However, some of these foods include a high sodium (salt) content; therefore it is always better to ask the waiter to guide you for the best food option out of the following:

You can mix and match the above given healthy items to try new tastes and flavors.

Sushi – The Healthiest Japanese Food Choice

Sushi is the favorite food item of many in a Japanese restaurant. It is made in a variety of styles and generally includes steamed vinegared rice, fresh vegetables, wrapped in Nori (sheets of seaweed) and garnished with different ingredients, and thus, can be a very healthy menu choice.

However, not all sushi types are healthy, especially the ones with the word “tempura” in the name. It is a deep fried sushi with other fatty or salty ingredients. Moreover, you can ask your waiter who can help you in making a healthier choice. Always remember to keep your portion size in control. Some sushi rolls are large enough to cut into eight pieces and serve 2 people. Therefore when you are choosing sushi rolls in meal delivery services, always enquire about the sufficient quantity that you should order.

Other Healthy Japanese Food Choices

Besides sushi, the menu of healthy food choices in a Japanese restaurant includes a plenty of other items as well. For keeping your calorie intake as low as possible, you can stick with raw or steamed vegetables. You can also choose to have a dish prepared with raw or cooked fish that can be eaten with wasabi or soy sauce.

A plate of white rice is generally included with your main course, however, if you want to boost your fiber intake, then you can order for brown rice. Miso soup can be another healthy food choice as it is made of soy paste which is rich in proteins and charges you with energy. You can also opt for udon or soba noodle types to make your Japanese meal both delicious and nutritious.

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