Best Japanese Restaurant in Dubai For Catering Services

As a host, all of us wish to make our parties a bit different and a memorable one. Because of this, people are now trying out various international cuisines instead of choosing the regular meals for serving in the parties, to set a new trend in their circles.

But, trying out international cuisines may not be a good idea always because of the different taste and ingredients. Moreover, health consciousness is an additional issue that needs to be taken care while choosing the type of cuisine. In addition to this, you have to be careful about a number of other things like taste and liking of your guests, anyone’s special preferences, optional dish or meal for those who don’t like one of your dishes, in the same category, etc. But, the most important of all, the general taste of the whole meal must be mouth wateringly delicious!

What to choose?

Considering all the above mentioned general points and some of your individual requirements, choosing a cuisine type which will fit the bill can become a difficult task. Because in today’s time, most of the cuisines are high on spices, carbs and calories to make them tasty and appetizing. It is like you have to select between making your food healthy or delicious.

The Solution

But, there is one cuisine type which is not only delicious but also very much healthy irrespective of which dish you choose to have. Yes, we are talking about the Japanese cuisines.

And when we hear the word Japanese cuisines, the first thing which pops up in our minds is the world-famous Sushi. But, Japanese cuisines have so much more than that like noodles, maki rolls, donburi, fried rice, bento, temaki, etc.

About the Japanese Cuisines

If you taste the traditional Japanese Cuisines, you will come to know that it is a refreshing burst of seasonal ingredients in a very healthy way. Japanese Cuisines are mostly based on rice and seafood. The food is divided into two main categories, i.e. Sushi and Sashimi.

Unlike Western Cuisine styles, Japanese people believe in keeping one dish separate from the other so that you can relish their individual tastes and also prefer them to be served and eaten separately. It is also because each dish is prepared in such a way that it gives you a burst of different flavors as you eat it.

Japanese Cuisines are also considered one of the healthiest ones because it includes the staple food as well as the fresh fruits and vegetables. You get to enjoy a variety throughout out the year in Japanese cuisines because it includes various seasonal ingredients and that too, in a different and creative way.

Where to find it?

Authentic Japanese Cuisines are a bit hard to find because most of the restaurants and caterers mold Japanese Cuisines more or less bit to suite the local taste preferences. But, worry not! At Sushi Express Café, we serve authentic Japanese cuisines, prepared by well trained and experienced chefs who will make you feel like you have hired someone straight from Japan!

So, hire us now and impress your guests with a new taste of authentic Japanese Cuisines.