Popular Dishes of Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Japan is known for its exquisite Asian cuisines. People around the world pay a visit to Japan in order to experience the various delicacies offered to them. In order to satisfy their taste buds with Japanese food, many restaurants that offer the delectable dishes of the country have been serving in every corner of the world and Dubai is no different. One can enjoy the different tastes of the popular dishes of Japanese restaurants in Dubai. Here we shall be taking a look at the most favoured Japanese dishes served in these restaurants.

Miso soup

It is a traditional Japanese soup favoured by most. Many prefer it to be a part of their starter meal. It is of watery consistency and yellowish in colour. The main ingredients are dashi, which is a Japanese fish flake needed in order to make the fish stock, and miso paste, which softens in the stock. Miso soup is taken mainly for its wide range of health benefits. Researchers have suggested that eating three to four bowls a day can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Also, being low in calories, it promotes weight loss.

Chicken Paitan Ramen

This is a variation to the Tori Paitan Ramen, where the main ingredient is pork. The chicken alternative is great for people who have religious views against eating pork. This dish is a blend of chicken broth, ramen noodles and toppings. It not exactly considered healthy, but it is healthier when compared to the Tori Ramen.

Avocado Maki Roll

Japanese food being of seafood and meat, this is another. A popular dish of Japanese restaurants in Dubai and is a great option for all those vegetarian. It consists mainly of nori (seaweed), sushi rice and avocados. Generally, eaten along with soy sauce. It is also beneficial, just like the miso soup, as the ingredients are raw and this dish is very filling. One can eat no more than five rolls.

Rock n Roll Shrimp

This dish gets its unique name from the Pink Floyd band because of the shrimp’s capacity to create sound. By snapping its two large claws, it can generate a sound up to 210DB. Hence, the name is ‘Rock n Roll’. Japanese people love their seafood and shrimp is their all-time favorite. This dish will cause the taste buds to tingle and dance. With every bite, one would want more.

Japanese restaurants are widely spread in Dubai. Sushi Express Café is amongst the popular Japanese restaurants in Dubai that bring delicious and freshly made authentic Japanese cuisines to your platter.