Ramen – The World’s Most Favoured Noodles

Asians are known for their perfect chopstick skills as noodles remains as their favourite dish in their diet. Like pizza in America, ramen is the iconic noodles of Japan. It is one of their favourite comfort food that warms the body on a cool, winter evening. Now-a-days, the Chinese and Americans have put a twist to the traditional, Japanese ramen by varying the stock, noodles and toppings. But, the original ramen is what many love. In addition, Ramen has become such a favourite in Japan that people have invented the instant ramen for those busy days.

Not only for Japanese people, but ramen has grabbed the heart of many foreigners as well. As ramen restaurants can most commonly be found in all corners of the world, it is a must have soul food. If you still have not tried it yet, you should definitely plan to have some, in an upcoming trip! Ramen has stood a heavy competition with sushi as the famous Japanese dish worldwide. It is a very diverse dish composed of soup, noodles and various toppings.

Let us see the different components that make up this delicious dish and which also lead to the reason why it is of such hype.


The basic composition of the noodles is wheat flour, salt, water and eggs. In the correct proportions, it results in yellow coloured noodles. However, all over the world, ramen is prepared according to their preferences. So, a variation in the quantities of the ingredients gives various textures. Additionally, the noodles can be cut into different shapes and sizes, decorating your ramen bowl.


The soup is the backbone of ramen, where it is occasionally sipped while taking a break from the noodles. The soup is mainly made of dashi (broth). There are many types of broths that are used, but, pork and chicken bones are most commonly used to give it a rich flavour. For a milder taste, vegetable broth or sardine broth can be used.

The Flavours

For that authentic ramen flavour, various oils, toppings, spices and sauces are added. Koumi-abura is flavoured oil used to add that creamy texture to the soup. Based on the type of flavours used for the soup, ramen is of three types:

  1. Miso Soup: It is the youngest of all soups that gets its rich flavour from pork bone and vegetable broth. Its tangy flavour and orange tinge comes from the spices used like the spicy bean paste.
  1. Shio Soup: It is the oldest type of ramen seasoning and it is also considered to have the mildest taste. The broth is of a yellow colour and is made from pork or chicken bones. There is plentiful seaweed as well in the broth.
  1. Shoyu Soup: This is the most common type of ramen used in Japan. Its main ingredient is soy sauce, giving the soup a brown colour. Additionally, chicken bones or vegetables are used for the broth.

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