Rock Your Party The Japanese Way!

Have you been thinking of throwing a party but are clueless about how to make it different and memorable? Are you bored of all those glitzy decors and usual Mexican, Chinese and Italian cuisines? Do you wish to get a fresh and different break from all the usual party stuff that no longer sound exciting? If your answer to the above questions is a big ‘yes’ then you have landed at the right place!

Here, we will give you a refreshingly new idea to make your party simply awesome and a memorable one. We will give you some tips, gaming ideas and one of the most important things, the cuisine selection.

Let’s get started!


The cuisine is something which decides the success quotient of your party. If you have managed to pull together a different, tasty and healthy food as per everyone’s liking then bravo! You have done a great job because in today’s time most of the people are health conscious. They may also have a completely different taste preference. To accomplish this task, we recommend you to choose authentic Japanese cuisines. Traditional Japanese cuisine is known to be very high on both health and taste factor.

Décor Theme

For decoration, we will suggest you go minimalistic. Japanese people believe in classy simplicity. They will not add too many things in any décor idea. Adding a showpiece or a painting is the maximum if you wish to follow true Japanese style. It comprises of low seating arrangements. And for dining, they sit on the ground with food placed on a very low table. So, if you wish to follow the Japanese way, stay away from all things blingy and glitzy. Give your party that homely yet classy look for a refreshingly different feel.

Gaming Ideas

  • Kendama: This is a ball and cup game but with a lot more difference. It has a wooden ball attached to a stick with a string. The stick has two cups and a spike at the top. The ball too has a hole. The players need to get the ball on the cups and/or the spikes, whichever they can manage in whichever way they can. Skilled players show pretty impressive tactics and movements while doing so.
  • Sudoku: If you would like to give your guests something to rack their brains up then this is the game for you. The rules are simple. The players have to arrange numbers 1-9 in rows, columns, and box wise. The number must not get repeated in each row, column and box. You can have various difficulty levels by giving more or fewer numbers in the box. This game can be played without doing much physical movement.

For the prizes, we recommend giving a painting, a flower vase or something similar to traditional Japanese designs on it.

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