Have Savoury Japanese Food Delivered Right at Your Doorstep

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes it can get a bit difficult to maintain the balance between all the professional, social and personal commitments and also find the time to cook a healthy and delicious meal.

And for obvious reasons, compromising on any of these factors is also not a solution, even if it is for a shorter duration. The easiest solution in such a situation is to eat out or to order for home delivery. But then also, you can’t ignore the health factor.

Pre-cooked or Restaurant Foods

Most of the pre-cooked or restaurant foods are not as good on the ‘health-friendly’ scale as they are on the ‘taste scale’. Even many studies and researches have shown that eating such high fat, high cholesterol food regularly or often can leave us with serious health issues in the shorter or longer duration. Some of these also claim that such food invites or contributes in many diseases and illnesses.

Healthy Japanese Food

We all know that different countries have different cuisine styles, which is based on their nativity, climate, locally available fresh ingredients, etc. But out of these all, there are some cuisine styles which will benefit your body and also taste delicious. Such cuisines taste mouth-watering irrespective of what time of the year you eat them and in which country you eat them. Japanese food is also one such cuisines, which is mostly based on rice, seafood and other locally available seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Authentic Japanese Food in Dubai

In Dubai, you can savour authentic and traditionally prepared Japanese cuisines at Sushi Express Café. Located at Dubai Media City and Jumeirah Lake Towers, we offer the most traditional and exotic Japanese food in a casual dining way. Our expert chefs know the art of creating modern as well as traditional Japanese food so you can have an exotic experience right in your vicinity. In fact, you can even find new dishes on offer every few months. Our chefs also make sure that they prepare every meal in the most hygienic and healthy way so that you don’t have to worry about the health factor and just enjoy every bite of your food. All this without worrying about the calorie counts too!

Meal Delivery Service

At Sushi Express and Café, along with casual dining at our restaurant, which also offer meal delivery service and takeaways so that you can relish the food after a tiring day, in your comfortable home. You can simply order your meal from the online menu on our website. In case you need any more information, we are just a call away. And, by the way, we forgot to tell that we also have some exciting discount and combo meal offers every now and then so don’t forget to check our Special Offers section too!