Place To Spend Some ‘Me Time’

Most of us wish to spend some ‘Me Time’ once in a while. The reason can be anything between a regular recharge source to just a break to figure out things. As for some people, it’s the way to step away from this world and see it from a distance.

Irrespective of the reason, choosing a good place for such ‘me time’ can be quite difficult because most of the good and comfortable places are either crowded or the less crowded ones are not comfortable. But, what defines this ‘comfortable’ is something that is unclear.

That’s why here we have prepared a list of some factors which can classify a place as comfortable and make your time worth every moment.

  • Good and relaxed ambiance: One of the basic requirements of a place is that it must have a good and relaxed ambiance. The place must have a good interior, proper lighting, soft and low music in the background and other such things.
  • Spacious: The place must also be spacious so that you don’t feel crammed. You must also not feel intruded by fellow diners or guests. And obviously, you will not want to end up eavesdropping unintentionally into other people’s personal conversation. Having a spacious place will also mean that there will be lesser seats and lesser crowd around.
  • Calm: For you to get peaceful me-time, the place has to be calm. It certainly must not be a place where more young kids and toddlers visit. The place must also not be a hot-spot for school or college students because that too will make the place seem more crowded than desired.
  • Great food: The place must have a variety of hygienic and delicious food being served at reasonable prices. The food should be healthy too so that you don’t end up being more stressed about the calorie intake instead of feeling relaxed by the ‘me-time’. Also, satisfying your taste buds will only give you the added benefit of more satisfaction and happiness. Choosing an authentic Japanese restaurant can be a good idea here.
  • Longer sitting duration: The place where you choose to spend some quality personal time must have the facility of sitting for a longer duration. This includes drinking water facility, refreshments, washroom, etc. It must also let you sit for as long as you want without needing to order in every few mins.
  • Friendly staff: The staff at such a place must be very friendly and easily approachable. This will help you in getting better services and overall experience. If this aspect matters more to you then you need to head to a Sushi restaurant.

Sushi Express Cafe is the place you have been looking for if you wish to spend some really awesome ‘personal-time’ and try out some traditional Japanese cuisines too.