Few Tips on choosing a Sushi Restaurant

Undoubtedly, sushi is one of the most popular and healthiest dietary choices one can make. This Japanese dish is actually a beautiful blend of flavors and ingredients wrapped into one. Whether it includes, fish, vegetables or chicken, you can actually taste each and every flavor and also savor it. The beauty about sushi is that it always tastes good, no matter what. There are many people who never get tired of eating this Japanese traditional cuisine. If you happen to be one of those, then you must read this article till the end. Here we have some tips on choosing a sushi restaurant in your city and a few to decide what type of sushi to binge on. Take a look.

How to choose a sushi restaurant?

Choosing a good sushi restaurant can be an intermediating task. Here are a few guidelines that you must follow to get an excellent sushi experience.

  • You must always look for a well-reputed restaurant that serves eminent sushi and other Japanese dishes also. Remember that price is not always an indicator of excellence.
  • Make sure that the restaurant serves sushi rice at room temperature and is not cold at all.
    The display window at the sushi restaurant should never be messy. A good café showcases fresh fish it serves in a pristine and organized way.
  • The waiters or the servers at the restaurant should be well familiar with all the dishes on the menu. This is because if you had any query related to the dishes served at the café, he or she should be able to answer.
  • The ambiance of the restaurant also matters. It should be clean and not smelly at all. You must not go to a restaurant that smells fishy. This is because it is quite likely that you won’t be served fresh and clean flood at the restaurant.

How to decide what sushi to order?

Most of the Japanese restaurants serve a variety of sushi types that can actually leave you confused as to what type you should be eating. Follow the below mention tips to stay out from any confusion:

  • The first thing to remember when dining in a sushi restaurant is that you should not be afraid to ask questions. If you are unfamiliar with something, you must ask the waiter about it. He/she should be familiar with the restaurant’s menu so that you can select the best sushi option.
  • ‘Omakase’ or ‘I leave it up to you’ is a good way to get the best sushi style served to you. By using this Japanese phrase, you will be giving the control to the chef to prepare the best sushi style. You just have to tell about your food preferences and it will be the chef’s duty to prepare a sushi type that you will love.
  • You can order more than one style of sushi and mix ‘n’ match the flavors.

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